The Important Benefits Behind Your Dog's Innate Desire to Chew

Our dogs take great delight in chewing and it’s a perfectly natural thing for them to do. As inquisitive, intelligent animals, they love to chew for many reasons including entertainment and stimulation. This vital activity not only keeps them busy and provides an interesting diversion, but creates a way for them to explore their world. Our pets need mental exertion as well as physical exercise.

Additionally, chewing can provide a method for relieving boredom, anxiety, loneliness, stress, or frustration. The task promotes the release of the calming hormones serotonin and dopamine that are naturally self-soothing.

Gnawing is also a simple way for our dogs to maintain good dental health, keeping their jaws strong and their teeth clean by scraping away plaque and buildup, and promoting the production of saliva that helps flush away the bacteria responsible for bad breath. For puppies, chewing encourages tooth development and can help relieve the discomfort of incoming teeth.

Although the desire to chew is normal, your dog may be inclined to gnaw on nearly anything and everything, including items that you may not want them to chew. However, there is an easy solution that can fulfill your dog’s physical and mental needs while providing an appropriate, safe, effective, and healthy choice.

Pet chews such as all-natural, chemical and preservative-free bully sticks, braided bully sticks and tendon chews are delicious, safe, easily digestible treats that also offer a variety of health benefits. Low in fat and a great source of high-quality protein and complete amino acids, single-ingredient grass-fed beef chews can support your dog’s muscle development and maintenance, and help promote brain, skin and coat health while providing a healthy source of the calcium and minerals your dog needs.

HotSpot Pets was founded by pet enthusiasts who are on a mission to deliver better treats for better pet happiness and well-being. We make all our high-quality, single-ingredient chews from grass-fed beef, ethically-sourced from South American & USA Farms, with no preservatives or additives.

Regardless of size, breed, or age, we can provide a great treat your dog can enjoy, available in different thicknesses, shapes, and sizes, long-lasting, and made fresh and to stay fresh.

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