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Deshedding Tool for Dogs Hair Large Dog

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Get rid of the fur before it flies! Reduce your dog's shedding with frequent, regular grooming using the Hot Spot deshedding tool that targets your dog's undercoat and gently removes loose hair.

The stainless steel teeth—careful, they're sharp—reach through your dog's topcoat to the dead and loose fur beneath, removing it before it becomes part of your furniture (carpet, floor, car, clothing!)

First remove tangles and knots and then gently groom by stroking the brush in the direction of hair growth. Start at the head and work your way back, being extra gentle near sensitive areas.

Besides the obvious benefits of a cleaner home, grooming with the right brush or comb keeps you in contact with your pet, allowing you to check for skin conditions or other ailments, and providing that tactile communication that dogs love.

Size Guide

Can Be Used on Small, Medium & Large Cats & Dogs, that have short, medium and long hair. Which means you can use our tool on all pets.

Safety Information

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Supervise & Hydrate

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Always supervise your pet while they are enjoying any of our chews and treats. Also be sure to also provide plenty of fresh water.

Daily Dental Benefits


Did you know that adding chews into your dog's daily routine will significantly reduce plaque and calculus accumulation and oral odor? It's a real win-win for every pup!